Artemis Gallery


These One of a Kind Designs are made with beads from ancient civilizations. Ancient Beads, restrung to become wearable ancient art. This is a portfolio of the pieces we have made. Many of these items have already sold, however if you have interest in purchasing an item please inquire via the contact us page about  the item.

Egyptian Faience

Ancient Egypt, Third Intermediate to Late Dynastic Period, ca. 1070 to 332 BCE.

Faience Beads were forms by grinding Quartz and other stones into a fine powder, then shaping it and firing it in a kiln where it recrystallizes into a glass. This process is how glass was made before the Romans invented glass blowing. 

Artemis Egyptian piece 1   

Pre Columbian



Mayan Jade








Indonesian Majapahit

Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Java, Majapahit, ca. 12th to 14th century CE.


Roman Glass

Roman, Imperial Period, ca. 2nd to 4th century CE.