Amazonite Soley Earrings
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Amazonite Soley Earrings

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These Soley earrings were constructed with .925 Sterling Silver and faceted Amazonite beads. These earrings are a perfect piece as they adorn the jaw line with it’s ideal length, approximately 2.5” long.

Amazonite encompasses all colors of the sea foam spectrum. Paired with the Sterling Silver chain, it’s effortless to wear.

Designer notes: Reminds me of some of the most beautiful oceans that I have been able to visit, Fiji, Mexico, and Panama.

Amazonite has powerful filtering action. It is said to be helpful with protecting against electromagnetic pollution. It should be placed between you and any source of pollution, or taped to a cell phone. It balances masculine and feminine energies. It helps you see both sides of a problem, or different points of view.

*Due to Mother Nature, who creates the most stunning artwork, our natural gemstones beads will vary a little bit.