White Opal Lexi Threader Earring
White Opal Lexi Threader Earring
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White Opal Lexi Threader Earring

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This threader style earring is made of stunning Ethiopian White Opal faceted teardrops that embody the colors of far away galaxies.

They hang from 14K gold fill horizontal bars, and are connected to a threader style ear wire. These earrings can be worn long or short, at a total length of 3” they can hang between 1”-1.5” below the earlobe.

These contemporary earrings will seek to amaze you with their iridescent nature and play of colors. Light waves travel and bend throughout the stone, refracting a rainbow of colors.

Opal is known to stimulate originality and creativity by encouraging an interest in the arts.  Aids to calm your inner anger and claim self-worth, helping one access and expressing one’s true self.