Brand Ambassador FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do as an ambassador?

-          Simply share your unique 15% discount code with your friends, family, and followers. Any time your code is used, Tela Bella Bucks will be added to your account for you to later use on purchases.

What benefits do I receive as an ambassador?

-          For your first purchase, you will receive a 40% discount on your entire purchase to get you started on your Tela Bella Jewelry collection.

-          Every purchase after your first, you may use your own unique 15% discount code plus apply any Tela Bella Bucks you have acquired

How do Tela Bella Bucks work?

-          Every referral that results in a purchase, you will receive a 15% commission in Tela Bella Bucks (aka store credit). For example, on a $100 order you’d get $15 to spend plus your 15% discount.

-          At the end of each month, we will send out a giftcard to your email with your accrued Tela Bella Bucks. 

-          Any time you’d like to review or use your Tela Bella Bucks, send us an email at